Emanuele SANTI

He was born in Florence (Italy) in 1966. He received his degree in Electronic Engineering in 1997, from the University of Florence, and his PhD in Earth’s Remote Sensing Techniques from the University of Basilicata in 2005.
Since 1998 he works with the Microwave Remote Sensing Group at Institute of Applied Physics of the National Research Council (IFAC – CNR, former IROE). In 2006 he was hired as a researcher at IFAC (in the Earth Observation Department). His research concerns the study of microwave emission and scattering from sea and land surfaces and their relationships with soil, snow and vegetation, by using data from passive and active sensors operating from ground based platforms, aircraft and satellite. The main topic of his research activity is the development and validation of models and inversion algorithms for estimating the geophysical parameter of soil, sea, snow and vegetation (i.e. soil moisture and roughness, vegetation biomass, liquid water content, snow water equivalent and wind speed over sea).
He was and is involved in some international programs, such as the EC projects INTAS 97-10569 and 03-51-4789, FLAUBERT, FLOODMAN EVGI-CT-2002-0085, ENVISNOW EVG1-CT-2001-00052, the ESA EO3A and ESA ENVISAT programs and the JAXA (Japan space agency, former NASDA) ADEOS/AMSR program. He participated in several microwave remote sensing international campaigns, carried out by using both MRSG sensors and satellite/airborne sensors. The campaigns were related to the MAP international project and SRTM mission, and to the INTAS 97-10569, FLAUBERT, ENVISNOW and FLOODMAN projects.
He is usually referee of the following international journals: IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing and International Journal of Remote Sensing. He is also referee of the Italian journal “Rivista Italiana di Telerilevamento”.
He is member of the Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and of the “Centro di Telerilevamento a Microonde” (Microwave Remote Sensing Center).
He is author and co-author of 8 works published on international journals and books, 30 papers published on proceedings of international meetings. 9 works were published on national journals, 11 papers on national journals.
He was session chairman at the International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium 2005 (IGARSS05) hold in Seoul (South Korea) and of SPIE meetings.