Research topics and activities

Electromagnetic modelling

  • Coherent and incoherent models of microwave emission and scattering from bare, vegetated or snow-covered soils

Image Processing

  • Geocoding, calibration, filtering and DEM corrections of satellite images

SAR Interferometry

  • Coherence analysis and interferometric modeling


  • Experimental campaigns on natural surfaces (agricultural fields, forests, snow covered areas) with ground based and airborne microwave and infrared sensors
  • Lab. measurements of emission and scattering properties of natural material

Retrieval algorithms

  • Generation of maps of geophysical parameters from microwave satellite data: Soil moisture (SMC), Snow Water Equivalent (SWE), Snow Depth (SD), vegetation biomass (PWC)

Instrumentation (IROE: Instrument of research for Observations of the Earth)

  • Multifrequency/polarimetric airborne microwave radiometers for field experiments at L- (1.4 GHz), C- (5.6 GHz), X- (10 GHz), Ku- (19 GHz), Ka- (37 GHz) bands integrated with a thermal infrared sensor (8-14 μm)


  • Lessons, seminars, PhD courses