He received his degree in Electronic Engineering at the University of the Studies in Florence in April 1993. From 1994 he collaborated with the Institute of Research of Electromagnetic Waves of the National Council of Research, in Florence. In 1997 he was hired as a researcher at IFAC (in the Earth Observation Department). His research interests include passive and active microwave remote sensing as applied to soil, vegetation and snow, using satellite, airborne and ground based data Within the activities of the group, he deals with the development and design of microwaves radiometers, the planning and execution of the experimental campaigns, and the interpretation of data. Within this context he has participated, as person in charge of the IFAC instrumentation, in numerous international campaigns. In recent years he was in charge of an experimental campaign that was carried out in the Italian Alps within the framework of the EC project, for the study of snow using microwave sensors. Since 2004 he was principal investigator of the ESA and PNRA project, which includes experimental campaigns in Antarctica, for the calibration of microwave satellite radiometers using the Antarctic plateau as an extended target. He is involved in the implementation of electromagnetic models for the characterization of scattering and emission from natural targets (water, ground, agricultural and forest vegetation, snow). From 2006 he is member of the Mission Advisory Group of the ESA’s COREH20 mission.
He has served as reviewer for many international journals. He has also served various academic and professional establishments both as an External Referee and/or External Examiner, and he has been a Consultant for companies in Italy. In 2008 he was co-chairs of the 10th Specialist Meeting on Microwave Radiometry and Remote Sensing of The Environment (MicroRad). He has published more than 20 peer-reviewed papers in international journals and books, and more than 60 in the Proceedings of international conferences.