- Phd student in ‟Methods and technologies for environmental monitoring” at the University of Basilicata, with a scholarship from CNR-IFAC in Florence. Research topic: ‟Microwave remote sensing of the Earth’s surface. Study of algorithms for the estimation of forest and agricultural parameters from SAR measurements and microwave radiometers”.
- BA in: ‟Forests and Environmental Science” by the ‟College of Agronomy”, ‟University of Florence”, 12/07/2007, mark 110 out of 110.
- High School Diploma in ‟Electronic and Telecommunications Chief”, by the ‟I.T.I.S. T. Sarrocchi” (Siena, Italy), 25/07/1995, mark 50 out of 60.
Professional Experience:
- 2009: external consultant at the geological Company ‟GeoEcho”, Poggibonsi (Siena). Project: Measurement campaigns and seismic investigation.
- 2008: scholarship ‟A.R.S.I.A.” (Tuscan company for the agriculture development) for the draft of “Manual for the exploration, collection, evaluation and conservation of germplasm in forestry”.
- 2006: external consultant at the forest and environmental company ‟D.R.E.Am”, (Poppi, Arezzo, Italy). Project: development of the forests management plan of the town of Città di Castello, (Perugia, Italy).
Training Courses:
- 13-16 April 2010: “SARMAP SARscape® software. Basic course”.
- October 2009-June 2010: master in ‟Technical design and CAD-CAM technology”. European Level III.c
- 25-26 November 2010: workshop A.R.S.I.A.: ‟Q-GIS: open-source software for forestal applications”.
- 15-16 November 2010: workshop A.R.S.I.A.: ‟LiDAR technology applied in forestry”
- 28-30 November 2011: “GRASS-GIS: intermediate course”, organized by “University of Siena”.
- 4-8 October 2010: URSI (International Union of Radio Science) Specialist Symposium on Microwave Remote Sensing of the Earth, Oceans, and Atmosphere & 6th CeTeM-AIT Italian National Workshop on Microwave Remote Sensing; Florence – Italy.
- 17-19 May 2011: 5th HyMeX (Hydrological Cycle in the Mediterranean Experiment) Workshop; Menorca – Spain.
- 25-26 May 2011: 1st e-GEOS International Conference; Rome – Italy.
- 6-9 June 2011: 3rd Meeting on Meteorology and Climatology of the Mediterranean; Castellaneta Marina (TA) – Italy.