• The IEEE South Italy Geoscience and Remote Sensing (GRS) Chapter has been formally established in January 1, 2005, but it dates back as Central and South Italy GRS Chapter to the beginning of 90's.

  • The petition to support the creation of the Chapter was submitted the 3rd of October 2001 by the IEEE members: Giorgio Franceschetti (Life Fellow), Paolo Corona (Fellow), Maurizio Migliaccio (Senior Member), Riccardo Lanari (Senior Member), Giuseppe Mazzarella (Senior Member), Eugenio Sansosti (Senior Member), Antonio Iodice (Member), Vito Pascazio (Member), Giovanni Leone (Member), Daniele Riccio (Senior Member), Francesco Mattia (Member), Paolo Berardino (Associate Member), Giuseppe Ricci (Member); and student members Maurizio Sarti, Giuseppe Ruello, Stefania Marsili, Mauro Emanuel Briganti, Raffaele Tiberio, Massimo Marrazzo.

  • The GRS Chapter organizes on the topics of GRS: